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Real Online Jobs: 10 Best Work From Home Jobs

As we all know that the whole world is dealing with a life taking pandemic which is Covid-19 and this pandemic is making heavy losses to the companies as their offices got shut down and all the projects remain on hold.

At this time, finding a real online job is hard. However, there are a lot of companies who started to alter out some of the employees as the company cannot bear their expenses anymore. This is the only reason why thousands of people become unemployed and search for new jobs and mostly real online jobs.

Here in this article, we have discussed 10 best jobs from jobs that you can do from your home and continue it as the real online jobs.

So follow this article till the end and you will get the required information about these job profiles. 

Here’s the List of 10 Real Online Jobs: Work From Home

1) Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

One of the top real online jobs is a virtual assistant. As we all know that there are a lot of companies that are operating their businesses online and handling all of their work with the help of remote methods.

So this is the best time when you can start doing this work and it will also give you enough money like your regular job. For this job profile, you must have very good administration skills along with good skills of management that will help you to manage the work very easily.

According to International Virtual Assistants, virtual assistants are those people who work online and prefer to work from their homes. Some of the works that are included by this job profile are the composition of emails and responding to them, preparation of all the business-related documents that are important for the ongoing project, creation of content, handling all the inquiries, and a lot of management work.

Now if we move forward towards the salary that you will get from it then you will get near about 26,350$ in a year which is a quite good amount. All the promotions and increments depend on your performance and skills.

2) Data Entry

There is a lot of data that needs to be filled in a company and working with limited staff is quite difficult for them to do, and it is one of the real online jobs. 

This is the place where the role of data entry comes into action as this is one of those job profiles that is specifically designed for data entry work.

For working in this work profile you must have good typing skills and have to experience in Microsoft word.

3) Freelancer Writer

Freelancer Writer

This is one of the most popular methods to work from home and start earning heavy profits from the resources it is a real online job.

As there are a lot of people who love to express their feelings in words and on the other hand there are some of the people who have good research skills.

So if you have good writing skills or have good skills in researching you can choose this profile as your long term career because there would not be any kind of ending for this work profile. 

4) Web Developer

Web Developer

Web Developer’s job can be a real online job if you know a little bit of coding.

For those who have zero knowledge of coding can learn it for absolutely free.

This is one of those specific types of work profiles as you can only work in it if you have enough knowledge in computers or you have good command over programming.

However, there are a lot of companies that offer you free training campaigns in which you can easily learn about the work. This would help a lot of people to work over this job profile.

Now if we look at the average money that you can make with this field then you can earn about 124,480$ in a year which is a quite good amount. 

5) Translator

If you want to start working with this genuine online job then you must have a bachelor’s degree with you as it will give proof to the company that you are graduated and have enough skills to work on this profile.

The first requirement that every company looks for is that you must have fluency in at least two languages. This thing would help the company to take the benefit of two new languages with a single person.

According to BLS news reports, it is found that there is more than 22 percent of people who are earning for this job profile in 2018. This thing shows that this field holds popularity between people.

Now if we move forward with the money that you can make from this sector then on an average you can easily make 49,930$ in a year while if you are working with some leading companies then it would get increased to 90,610$ in a year.

The job of a translator is something which is a real online job and you can work easily from anywhere.

6) Blogging


Blogging is one of the growing sectors and real online jobs as there are a lot of people who get involved in it and start making their passion for blogging.

It will also help you to get a good amount of money which means you can follow your passion and career with a single piece of paper.

The average earning that a blogger can do is about 32,934$ which is quite a good amount for the person to take it as a full-time job. 

7) Medical Transcription

Another real online job is medical transcription.

However, this is one of those internet jobs that we see on the counters of a hospital but as the whole world is moving towards digital techniques so there are a lot of doctors who prefer to give their prescriptions online.

This thing helps them to connect with a high number of audiences and they can easily give their advice without moving to that place.

The earnings from these methods are also good as normal medical transcriptionists earn about 34,770$ in a year which is a quite good amount.

Therefore, if you have enough knowledge in the field of medicine then you can go with this work profile.

8) Social Media Manager

social media manager

As we all know that social media is one of the best ways to promote your business and broaden up your business. And it is one of the real online jobs.

So the first step for the companies is to manage their social media handle and this is where the role of social media manager comes into play.

As they hire some people for the management of their social media handles and also give them the responsibility to handle all the assets of it. 

9) Travel Agent

Travel Agent

The demand for this sector got decreased with a great percentage and this is quite bad news for some of the travel lovers.

But still, there are a lot of opportunities in the online methods as you can easily plan a trip for most of the people and they will pay you for that.

If you are a travel lover then you can create a boom in this industry, as there is a need for some good traveling lovers.

However, there are some of the agents who already created a solid base because of their experiences but if you can attract the users to your site then just move forward without even thinking about the consequences.

Now if we move forward towards the earning that you will get from this industry then you can easily earn 38,700$ in a year from your skills and passion for traveling.

Therefore, a travel agent can be your real online job if you are one of a hippie kind. 

10) Call Center Representative

There are a lot of companies who need a person that can attend all their calls and for this work, they appoint a person who represents the company on behalf of them.

For this, they will give you a good amount of money and it also depends on the skills that you have in yourself. 


With the final words, we conclude that here we have discussed some of the best work from home job profiles that will help you to fight financially in this tough time of the pandemic.

We hope that all the advice given by us would help you in one way or another.

Also, it would help you to find your passion and also give you financial support. 

And if you like this article please share it to help others too.

Thanks in advance. 😊

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