Amateur blogger mistakes

9 Horrible Mistakes that Amateur Bloggers make

Blogging is one of the growing things in the present time and many people are moving towards it. New amateur bloggers start blogging and think that it is easier to do and do not require extra effort for it but this is the wrong concept they have in their heads.

A person capable of writing a blog is a talented person because there are many problems and mistakes when a person enters this field. It takes many months for the people to learn and write a single, which is perfect to be published. However, it is not difficult to do but needs some time and some of the skills to do so, rest it is the easiest one to achieve.

It is one of the exceptional things that a person gets a perfect blog in one go because there are some of the mistakes that are made by every amateur blogger in the early stage of their career as a blogger.

However, there are various mistakes that people do but some of the common mistakes are followed by multiple people. Let us discuss some of the mistakes that are made by an amateur blogger and if they are removed then their blog is perfectly accepted by the publishers and they can grow their career in this field.

List of Common Mistakes that Amateur Bloggers Make

amateur blogger mistakes

1) Use Free Domain

Using a free domain is one of the biggest mistakes that is done by almost every amateur blogger in their life. The biggest disadvantage with the free domain is that it does not do any good for the person and all the efforts made by him are wasted.

As soon as the person sees no efforts then he learns that working over the custom domain is beneficial and this is proved when they see results of their hard work.

The custom domain not only values their efforts but also gives them exposure to the world and shows the presence of the person on online platforms. The custom domain helps in giving authority by which a person can do anything with his blog and also they can launch themselves as a brand among the people.

There are some of the disadvantages that are present in the free domain which stops the person from exploring are the free domain cannot be controlled by the person and it is SEO unfriendly.

2) Building Too Many Backlinks

Building Too Many Backlinks

Do backlinks play an important role in a new and amateur blogger to start his career?

So, the answer to this is yes but there are many amateur bloggers who are new in this field build multiple backlinks and the motive behind doing this is that they want their website to be the best-ranked website but this is one of their biggest misconceptions.

Therefore, there is advice for those bloggers who are doing this, stop focusing on backlinks at the start of your career, and just post contents that are SEO friendly and are attractive to read. This would attract people and make them think that the blogger is writing the content itself.

For the promotion of the blog, there are various methods but one of the most effective methods is to comment on someone else’s blog aggressively and then they will comment on yours leading to the promotion of your content.

3) Blog Design

This is one of the common mistakes done by every amateur blogger at the start of their career and the major reason behind this is the lack of money.

The young and newbie bloggers use free themes for their blogs so that they can attract many people towards their blog but something opposite happens due to the free themes, the blog of those bloggers is taken by the people and published and this affects the image of the blogger.

Though this was done because of the lack of money but created many problems for the blogger. To get out of this problem, the blogger needs to arrange some money to buy premium themes, which would help them and add more value to the content.

4) Ignoring Social Media

Social media 1

This is another big mistake done by many of the new amateur bloggers and they avoid social media because they think that their content would not be praised rather than will be made fun of and this would not help them to grow.

They also think that this is of no use because it would not help them to get good subscribers for their blog but this is where they make mistakes.

The people need to understand that paying money and doing promotion is a foolish act but if you have the opportunity to get maximum people to reach your content in just minimum time then they should not miss this.

5) Copying Content Without Giving Credit

There are many people who want to build a career in blogging but find it tough so they copy the content of some other blogger and then rephrase it so that they can publish it and all this is done without taking permission of the person whose is copied or without his knowledge.

As soon as the new amateur blogger publishes his blog, the problem of Plagiarism raises leading to some serious problems for the person.

The other problems faced by the new blogger are the content is not placed on rank like all other blogs and the reason is that the person whose original blog it was, already was in the rank and Google does not rank two same blogs.

6) Consistency

Consistency is one of the things that every new and amateur blogger needs to follow because writing five to six blogs and then waiting for the responses is just wasting of time and demotivates the person.

To avoid this, the person should keep writing the blogs so that there are chances that they will be ranked for either one of their articles.

Consistency will help you learn things and in the next blog, you will improve it, and continuing this will help them reach heights and will be one of the best bloggers in the world. The person should not leave writing by getting failed in one or two blogs.

7) Sharing Only Your Content

The concept of helping others existed in the earlier times but now there are rarely people who think of helping others and this is one of the biggest drawbacks faced by the new generation.

If you ask a single blogger who is new to this field for help and asks them to share your content over their blogging account then the clear answer from their end would be a NO.

This is not a good thing for a beginner because they need to build bonds and connections with people so that their content can be praised and liked by the people on their page because in present time people return favors by helping them in a better way and this can be a good opportunity for a beginner.

8) Not Building List

This is one of the hardest things for a person who is selfish or does not know how to connect to people.

Blogging is a procedure of giving and taking a favor. If a person is not able to build a list of people in his connection then when they need help for listing the blog there is no one and there are always some conditions in which a person requires the help of a person.

Therefore, the new bloggers should try to link too many other bloggers which can help them rank in the list of Google with their original work.

9) Scared Of Investing In Tools

It is one of the difficult tasks for a new and amateur blogger to invest some amount in buying plugins, in his learning and in tools but this is an essential part because avoiding it would harm more than getting profits.

In the early days of blogging career, every individual is scared of investing the money because as a beginner, losing money would be very difficult for them but you need to invest some of the money on the tools and learning about them.

The people should never think twice about learning new things from some good teachers and try to extract the maximum output from this.


It is said that everyone learns from his or her mistake but if you have options to learn from someone else’s mistakes then it is much better.

Therefore, here are some of the common mistakes that are done by almost every amateur blogger in their career’s starting but they have helped other people who are trying to build their careers in this field by sharing their experience with them.

If you find this article helpful please let me know through comments!

Cheers. 😉

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