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  21+ Ideas to Make Money online during Coronavirus Crisis!

Do you think that in this pandemic you have some financial problems..? You are worried about “how to make money online during coronavirus crisis?”

make money online during coronavirus crisis

However, you do not need to be worried about it because I’m here to help you in this hour of need. I will give you some solutions and you could choose between them. I’ll try to tell you all the necessary requirements for each of them.

I’ll tell you about a number of solutions because I believe in the portfolio investment which means that don’t put your assets in one basket. Now we could relate it with having different qualities to work with. Like if, you could write a blog.

In addition, you have the ability to do affiliate marketing as well and you know how to do this then it will be beneficial for you because you could make money online during coronavirus crisis by doing both of these tasks.

And it’s not difficult for you to do both of them because they are related somehow.

Moreover, could you even imagine how could It be beneficial for you to make a living online.

If you are searching for it then trust me that you are at the right place.

I will give you more than 20 solutions to your problem and you can easily make money online during coronavirus crisis.

Here’s the list of ideas to Make Money Online during Coronavirus Crisis.

1. Web Development

web development

As we know, the era of technology begins and all we need is to learn about technology. Because the demand for technology wouldn’t diminish ever that’s why I choose to suggest you learn web development at the very beginning.

So, the world of aesthetics and technology begins, and if you are aware of the thing that how to make your web beautifully representable then no one could stop you to make money online during coronavirus crisis.  

You need to learn few things to start web development, which includes HTML (helps to make a skeleton of page), CSS(cascading style sheet) used for designing, Javascript and book strap, etc.

You could also make money online during coronavirus crisis by selling your web. You only could do this by transforming your blog into an authority website or blog. Nevertheless, its main drawback is that you will lose an asset and by retaining it and by working on it you could make money online during coronavirsus crisis more than this.

There are many websites that I noticed working for 200 years but they didn’t even make $100,000. But if your website has something unique then you could earn $120,000 in a year.

The average income of web developers could be $50,171 in a year easily.

2. Instagram Influencer

If you want to make money online during coronavirus crisis then it would be very beneficial for you to become an Instagram influencer and if you have 15 million followers then congratulations! Because you could make money online without getting depressed. But if you don’t have such followers then you don’t need to worried about this because if I’m here then not to fear. Method to increase followers on Instagram.

instagram influencer

Which kind of work is this?

Once you get followers you could increase sales of other companies. Large brands and other companies will pay you a large amount of commission by doing this task. Because you increase their sales by using your followers.

3. Blogging

You think you couldn’t write blogs like the other experienced bloggers. I’m honestly telling you that it’s wrong only you need to do one thing that picks the right card for the right place.

If you want to adopt it, you only need to follow that I’m telling you. And you should also check how to become a successful blogger.

• We need to focus on the thing that people want to read then start working on it.

• Pick a blog name, which means choose a descriptive title for your blog.

• Learn how to fulfill SEO requirements. This is necessary to increase traffic to your blog and if you want to learn about the this then you must check out proven strategies to increase your blog traffic

• Make your blog online and sociable to make money online during coronavirus crisis.

• Also, we need to design that blog according to the WordPress theme.

• To write a blog you just need to think that what are the main difficulties that my users are facing and try to give those best solutions for that.


If you want to know benefit from this in monetary terms. Let me clear this for you.

It’s pretty easy to make an extra $500 – $2,000 per month blogging in your first year. In years 2 and beyond, after you’ve built traffic and subscribers, you can increase revenue to $100,000+. (SABATIER)

4. YouTube Videos

If you are a content creator, you could start earning from youtube by monetizing your account on youtube. Look at “sharum ki sketchbook” to understand which kind of creative work that I’m talking about.  If you are able to do reality-based work or even if you could make funny work then it would be easy for you to increase your followers in days. This is very beneficial to make money.

You could make money online during coronavirus crisis easily from YouTube work.

youtube videos

Here you can earn a lot through YouTube work. You only need to increase your viewers and subscribers.

5. Editor

You could be a content editor, video editor, film editor, sound editor, photo editor. You could adopt any profession among them according to your expertise. This kind of job easily available at, Upwork, fiverr, and other such networks.


Woooowwww….! Let me tell you one thing that you can earn $69,643 by only work as an editor.

For example:  if you want to become a video editor, you need to learn HitFilm ExpressDavinci Resolve 16 ReviewFilmora9. You can be a good editor if you learn any of them.

6. Reseller or Flipper

In this kind of online business, you could make money online during coronavirus crisis easier than any other kind of online business. You need to do only one thing in this business is to purchase the website made some changes if require and sell it to others on a high price than you the purchasing price. In this way, you could get a markup.

Look! How easy it is?

Could you find any job better than this? No wayyy…..

You can see that Yaro Starak has made $180,000 by doing this business.

7. WordPress Theme Developer

If you are, a web designer and you know how to make an average theme design. Then you could start work to make money online during coronavirus crisis. If you are worried about a thing that you couldn’t work alone then make a team do this work.

You could sell your WordPress themes on CodeCanyonTemplateMonster, and other related sites. In this way, you could start initially.

wordpress theme developer

8. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is one who provides help to businesses from home. They are most probably hired by online businesses who need help but don’t want to increase staff at their workplace. Their duties are not limited. They could do any kind of help to their clients.

Some of the work that you could do as a virtual assistant includes customer service, create presentations as assigned, keep an online record, and all such duties and make money online during coronavirsus crisis.

The average virtual assistant hourly pay is $15.76. You don’t need to waste your qualities let them polished.

9. Logo Designer

This job doesn’t need any experience. The only thing you need is sample work to show your client and you can easily make money online during coronavirus crisis.

logo design

If you don’t know how to do this job you could easily learn it through youtube without any cost. You need to learn about different tools and techniques to make your own logo like Adobe illustrator. It’s a vector graphics software.

As it is a part of a graphic designer and an experienced graphic designer could earn $25 per hour according to

10. E-Commerce

Ecommerce is actually trading in products and services by using computer networks.

As we are well aware of one thing, that shopping online considered luxurious now.  You first need to identify a business niche then start hunting products to sell after that select your target customers and then register your eCommerce brand name. After making your online store you need to attract customers. Now you are ready to sell other products by getting a commission.


“While there’s no guarantee to make money during coronavirus crisis, there’s also no limit on the amount of money you’ll be able to make. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to earn $10,000+ every month, or you’re just trying to save up some extra cash for a rainy day. As long as you’re running your ecommerce business effectively you’ll be able to reach whatever your financial goals” (Roach, 2019)

11. SEO Optimizer

The statistic shows that users posted blogs 42.66 million on WordPress blog sites. But if they want to make it successful then they must need to increase its ranking at Google and it is possible through search engine optimization.

If you help people to rank their blog at Google then they will pay you and you could easily earn by using this method.

You will need to learn how to use analysis tools and other marketing tools. But if you help your customers sell more products, the gains can be huge and you can easily make money online during coronavirus crisis.

seo optimizer

The average salary of an SEO specialist is $103,771. For earning this amount, you only need to learn about keyword placement in your blog and learn how to search for popular keywords to get a high ranking on Google. All your efforts would help to get more traffic.

12. Stock Trading

Stock trading is one of the best ways to get high profits. It’s not risk-free. In fact, there is a high risk of doing this stock trading.  One thing that you must have to know “if there is a high risk in business then there must be a high probability to get huge profit”

stock trading

If you are a risk-taker then believe me that you could earn a lot by adopting this business. You could start this by mutual funds, investing in multinational corporations, direct investment, and other such ways.

You could get huge profits by purchasing shares of other companies and make money online during coronavirus crisis. The profit could be in the form of profit or capital appreciation.

The average salary of a stockbroker according to the survey is $57,666. 

13. eBook Design

It is one of the best ways of passive money. Therefore, you could make money online during coronavirus crisis easily through this technique. If you have good writing skills then you could be a good ebook writer and earn money through this. Ebook allows businesses to give details about their business to their customers. The ebook helps customers to read the detail of the required business when they find time to read it.

It increases the credibility with your customers. It also increases the versatility of business. For example, it could given a gift to the customers.


You could reach to your client and show them your samples to get work.

14. Google Adsense

For doing this work, all you need to do is to select ads you want to appear on your website. Then you need to choose ads to appear on your site. Advertisers will bid for your ad space and you will pay when ads clicked and seen.  

You just need to make an account and could start your work and make money online during coronavirus crisis.

Woooooowwww! You could earn more than $80,000 per year by sitting at home and doing this work.

15. Academic Coach

If you tell someone that I’m an academic coach then they say most probably that you are like a teacher…. But there is a huge difference.

Their main aim is to teach students how to become effective learners and tell them how they organize their tasks and time management techniques. In this way, you could reduce their stress easily and with your help, their performance could improve.

Academic coach

Here you can see that by motivating students to get their work done properly you could get $40,695 per year or more. It depends on your experience.

16. Email Marketing

As we know that email marketing, is a part of internet marketing. In this, you need to develop a relationship between customer and client via email. It is the method of using email to market products and services.

 It seems to be an inexpensive way of advertisement. 80% of professionals think that in this way customer retention could increase easily.

email marketing

The average yearly earnings of a person through email marketing could be $53,329.

17. Facebook Ads

A business that understands its consumers’ requirement could compete easily in the market. Facebook is the most popular social media network that most people are now using this network and you could target a large number of customers by displaying ads to them.

You just need to target customers and your main is must be to increase conversion rates. Promote products or catalog and do campaigns.

Facebook Ads

You can also do this by creating your own ads to display on your page.  You can use tools like DrumUp to post your ad on Facebook and LikeAlyzer, it provides you an in-depth assessment of your Facebook page.

18. Freelancer

You could work as a freelancer. Are you confused that what does it mean?

Let me clear things for you. All you need to do to start this work is to determine 1 thing that what is your quality. You could start work at, Upwork, fiber, and other such platforms. Once you decide your platform then set your profile there and start working and make money online during coronavirus crisis.

One most important thing is that the average salary by doing this work is £63,797.

As a freelancer, you could be a content writer, blog writer, web developer, data manager, and could adopt any other field according to your profession. But you need to make a good portfolio before starting your work.

19. Software Business

If you know, work related to software engineer then you can earn a lot by starting this business. $106,816, is the average salary of a software engineer and you could earn more from this by being more passionate about your work.

software buisness

A business software framework includes an application framework that has a process model. The process model provides desired services to the business components. The process model arranges operations into activities. The process model can also use an agent/service arrangement. (P, pp. 1-2)

In this business, you need to create and sell software online and make money.  Balsamiq, Sublime, etc are the basic tools for a start-up.

20. Design a landing page

If you know how to make a good landing page then you are going beyond only designing something. If you make a good landing page, it means that you are doing the right thing that the customer wants. It could be a home page or a page that stands alone and work to increase conversions.

This is an easy way to increase your sales. It helps in SEO ranking and promoting your upcoming product.

landing page

You could earn $346 per page easily by designing a landing page.

21. Language Translator

If you know more than 1 language then …. What are you waiting for?

You could earn more and more by starting this as your profession. You could start this by directly in contact with your clients and you could work for some agencies. You could work as a freelancer as well.

You could earn $67,660, by doing work as a translator.

22. YouTube instructor

If you have the skill and you are willing to help others you could become a YouTube instructor and could make money online during coronavirus crisis. We are well aware of the thing that if you have valuable knowledge and people are willing to pay for your services then it would be a huge business for you.

If you want to see an example then look at learn English with Emma.

If you provide your services to people free then it would be beneficial for you in some monetary value and for other people to get some new knowledge who are eager to learn something new and valuable for them. All you need is to learn video editing software and start your work.

As a boy, Rayan earns $26 million in 2019 by reviewing toys.

23. Affiliate Marketing

Here is the 2nd solution to your emerging problem in this new world which will start after this 2020. First, you need to know that what is this term actually means and which help it is providing us.

“Affiliate marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires.”(Bennett)

What you need to do is to give reviews about different products and recommend them to others. You will get profit from businesses by getting a commission to sell those products.

Affiliate Marketing

If you know how to do this work then you could work for,, and many more.

If you want to know, its profitability then let me tell you that Wirecutter was so profitable that the New York Times bought it in $30 million. Now you could imagine how much profit you could get by doing this work to make money online during coronavirus crisis.

24. Podcasting


It is a practice of making digital recordings and is available on the internet and mobile devices to download. It helps people to provide a wide variety and they could choose easily among them. Some topics related to podcasts are business, comedy, health, news, etc.

Right now, there are more than 850,000 active podcasts and more than 30 million podcast episodes. According to Apple at WWDC 2018, these numbers stood at 550,000 and 18.5 million respectively. So, the figures are increasing rapidly! (Whitner)

So, business is growing nowadays. If you want to learn about how to start a podcast then it would be a great decision for you because in this way you could earn a healthy amount for your needs. According to research, yearly income through podcast work is $64,370.

You could learn this work easily through youTube channels without paying any cost.

25. Photo Editor

You could also earn money by photo editing because in this way you could increase sales of businesses because a better picture could help to grab more clients.

You could work as a freelancer to get your clients on different sites.

Photo Editor

The average salary for this work according to research $30,367. And this could be enough for you to earn money online.


I tried to give you every possible information related to these fields but I can’t tell you the detail about each major point.

I’m giving you the right direction to start your work and make money online during coronavirus crisis.

I’m assured that it’s enough to make a picture in your mind that which businesses you could do easily to earn by sitting on your couch.

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