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9 Secrets of Instant Website Traffic

Is it ok for you to work without getting more customers? Honestly, no one is doing work for free. All businesses need to increase their conversion and to get more sales.

The biggest challenge for businesses is to get loyal customers. I’m going to elaborate that how this task would become easy for you by getting instant website traffic.

I’m going to tell you some easy methods to satisfy your readers and to retain your customers by writing in the right way.

instant website traffic

There is a cycle to increase traffic on your site. Like, if traffic on your website increase then it would increase the ranking of your blog that generate more instant website traffic.

Here’s the List of Method to Get Instant Website Traffic

1. LSI keywords

How it would be beneficial to grab instant website traffic?

Here is a simple answer for your better understanding that Google Hummingbird has completely changed the concept of SEO.

Google is now judging your content according to the usage of LSI keywords.

Google hummingbird used to improve search results. Google is now giving ratings to blog much more technically. Let me explain this fact. The focus of Google is on the relevant usage of words regards to your blog. The focus of the semantic search is to know the real meaning of readers’ research.

For example:

If you are writing a blog on online shopping and you use the relevant sites for it.

online shoping

• Amazon

• eBay

• Walmart

• Alibaba

If you use such relevant words in your blog then you could easily get instant website traffic.

LSI-Graph to search relevant results of your used key-word.

2. Retarget the visitors with Facebook Ads

Firstly, you need to note the thing that you have different blog posts on different topics and their readers are different as well. Then why you use the same ad for all of them?

You need to make segments of it and choose the right ad for the right segment of readers. All you need to do is to make a custom audience tool and then analyze their area of interest after that use your Facebook ad idea to target them.

Retarget the visitors with facebook ads

Why you need Facebook ads for this purpose?

The clear reason for this purpose is that in this way you could easily create a buzz of your upcoming blog. So, people will like to read it more efficiently.

3. Publish viral content that grabs attention

If you can judge easily that which thing is highly demanded from the customers’ side and you try to fulfill that demand then it could be beneficial for your blog for getting instant website traffic.

Analyze one thing that if one video or picture gets viral on social media and you added it in your content then why you will not get traffic on your blog…

viral content

Some ways to know about trending content are, FeedlyBuzzFeed, etc are some sites to know the viral content for your next post.

4. Question Analyzer Technique

If you use this technique then believe you could compete in this market easily because you that if a person is giving a solution to your problems then you would like to visit that site again and again.

For doing, this only one thing is required and that is to analyze searches related to that topic and add solutions to all those questions in your blog by highly mention those questions.

Here is the site answerthepublic and discover that what people are asking about.


5. Repost your old content

For doing this all you need is to repost your old blog post by making required changes to that blog. You need to remove that part from your blog that is no more required in this growing world.

All posts that are being discarded from the social network is a great loss. Is it make sense that you spend your time and money to make a blog post and letting them waste.


This technique will increase your website traffic instant like the speed of a skyrocket.

If you have, a question in your mind that which blog post is more beneficial to grab attention, old or new.

Then exactly the answer is yes old blog post could generate hundreds and thousands of viewers.

6. Internal links

As it’s important to attract both search engines and visitors. Internal links help to build the website architecture. These links refer to link the page of a domain to another page of another domain.

It builds a connection to the web pages and direct links to your blog rankings. The links that you anchor to the relevant point would help to prevent the readers from duplication of issues.

7. Backlinks

I’ve already told you about internal links. Now it’s easy for you to understand the actual meaning of backlinks. As you add some links to increase the usability of your blog that helps to reach other pages of the same domain and it helps to solve the problems of your readers.


When other people add links of your blog in their posts and people could reach on your post by clicking on it then it would help to increase your blog’s traffic.

In other words, whenever other website owner links to your website in any content then its called a backlink. Moreover, if you got a backlink from a site that already has a high rating on the web then imagine why it wouldn’t be beneficial for your site.

*Bonus Tip* – Add video to grab the attention of your readers

The best way to get instant website traffic is to add video in your content.

“90% of the information processed by the brain is visual.

It takes only 13 milliseconds for the human brain to process an image.

 The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text.

 80% of people remember what they see, compared to ten percent what they hear and 20 percent of what they read.” (Alexis, 2018)

video graph

The main reason to add video in your content is that all competitors or famous bloggers use this technique to increase visitors and if you don’t compete in a better way than your competitors you can’t get more visitors.


Now we could conclude that by adopting all these factors we could generate more viewers to our site.

Remember that if you have great content then all these techniques are beneficial for you and if your content doesn’t have any kind of useful information for readers then how could you think that your website gets fame in the future…

Take an example that if your website doesn’t contain any beneficial content in it then you will not be able to get backlinks from other writers. It’s important to improve yourself first to achieve this goal.

I hope you get your answer to getting instant website traffic and now ready to take action. If you still have any confusion, you can ask freely via commenting I would love to answer and help you out.

Cheers. 😉

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