I bought a domain name now what?

I Bought a Domain Name Now What? 9 Awesome Things To Do

So, finally, you have purchased your own domain now.  Congratulations to you on this big step that you took. Now you must be thinking that I bought a domain name now what?

Well, there is no need to get panicked because the way after this is very much interesting and you have a lot more to do after having your own domain name. 

If you are fresher in this field and are worried about all the technical functionalities and steps that need to be taken after this, then don’t worry this article is all about what you can do after purchasing a domain name. The article will provide you clear exposure to all the functionalities and procedures you have to do. 

First, let us look at what domain name really means. Basically, when you purchase a domain name you are provided with a unique IP address through which all the network users can access your website. You can gain more credibility to your brand or business by creating a professional email at your domain name.

Now, let’s get started with the steps and things that you can do to set your career and let us see how you can utilize a domain name to enhance your career opportunities to greater heights.

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After reading the complete article you will get to know about:

✅ What options do you have after buying a Domain Name

✅ Ways in which you can use your existing domain name

✅ If you want to start a blog then this article may help you

✅ And many other useful things

Read the complete article for better knowledge…

1) Web Hosting 

Web hosting is very important to launch a site on the domain that you have bought. The thing is you have to decide that are you going to launch a website on it or not? If your answer is Yes! Then you definitely need web hosting to launch a website or blog. 

If you already have the experience of how web hosting works then it might not be a trouble for you to get started. But, if you are fresher and don’t really know how it all works and which web hosting you need or should use for creating your blog, then there are many hosting which you can use to host your blog.

There are tons of free web hosting that you can pick for your blog or website but you have to choose wisely as there are many which can make your site slow. Siteground is one the most recommended site hosting and well I will also recommend it to you. 

Why Siteground –

Looking for web hosting which gives you amazing speed and is most reliable? Then Siteground will be the best option for you. In Siteground you’ll get ultra blazing speed and also you will have a 24X7 Guru support team that can help you anytime when you need it.

Siteground is not only my first recommendation but it’s also the recommendation of many pro bloggers who have been using it for a very long time and even WordPress also recommends Siteground. ( You can check here )

2) Premium WordPress Theme 

WordPress is one of the most helpful open-source software which has tons of free customized designs, themes that can be picked up by any of the freshers.

You can either choose from the free themes that are available on WordPress or you can spend some bucks and get yourself a paid theme which is in most cases very beneficial as it boosts the business.

3) Professional Email Address

Are you still wondering how proficient it would be to create a professional email address with your domain name?

Let me explain to you in detail, a professional email address is nothing but the one which is created with your company name as your domain name instead of the general domain names like Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, and Hotmail, etc.

Creating an email address that is customized with your company name helps in promoting your business and turns into another level.

For instance, If someone named Robin tries to create his own email address in Gmail, He may create it as [email protected] But, due to a high number of profiles in the same name, he will not be allowed to take up that email address. This leads the person to add random numbers and symbols with his name which makes the address quite complicated such as [email protected]

This becomes very hectic sometimes, even the same person finds it difficult to remember his email address. 

In a way to avoid these types of circumstances, When you have your own domain, you can personalize your email address professionally with your company name. For eg: [email protected]

This affords more credibility and flexibility to both the user and the visitors of the website.

4) Redirecting Your Domain Name 

It is the fact that the number of social media users worldwide has reached 1.96 billion in 2016, and has grown to some 2.5 billion in 2018 and now it has touched around 3.48 billion by 2019, 

It is a perfect sense to gear up the social media power as a primary promotional strategy for your business so as to boost your business

It is now an easy job by redirecting your domain name to your official or business social media page for promotion. In this cyber-driven world, this simple plan of action will be a perfect kick-start in initiating your online presence.

5) Standalone Page

A landing page of any website is the home page or the welcome page for your website which encourages them to go forward with other pages of the website.

A recent study conducted by HubSpot states that a 56% increase in sales has been witnessed by the marketers by increasing the landing page number on their site from 10-15. 

Thus, A landing page should be designed and developed with one’s business goals and targets in mind. Now let us see what the main point in creating a landing page is and what makes them the most powerful and valuable marketing tool.

A direct sale landing page of your website can be a general product page or a free trial or offer page or and appointment booking page. The main purpose of a direct sale landing page will be to get the sale and create traffic on your website.

6) Creating a Private Blog

If you do not have any interest in starting an online business and still think that I bought a domain name now what? here is an exceptional idea to utilize it effectively.

There are countless spaces for everybody on the internet. People always love to share their ideas, thoughts, experiences, which may sometimes reach a global audience.

How to put yourself on this successful path of online business? How about creating your own personal blog?

The research has shown that almost 70% of the internet users read blogs, so your audience is already set out there.

When you start writing a blog, you can add all the information which you think is necessary.

7) Brand Vanity URL with Your Domain Name 

Feeling confused with yet another technical term? Never be alarmed. A vanity URL redirects the visitors to another longer URL which carries the tracking information of the page. In a nutshell, basically a Vanity URL is nothing but a descriptive one that is created to help the people to remember a certain web address. For example, If there is a profile in this link, 

https://www.bestlocalindustries.com, This seems to be quite tedious and will not be etched in the minds of the visitors who just glance over the pages. 

When the same URL is shortened to http://www.besloin.com, it is quite easy to remember. When someone clicks on this link, it will be redirected to the longer one. URLs that are shortened change how the long URL looks, but in other means, it has the same benefits to small business owners.

The Vanity URL possesses a domain name which attributes the brand name or other keywords that are relevant to your business.

8) Online Store with Your Domain Name

Owning a domain name is a way of creating your own customized e-commerce website for your online products. 

An e-commerce website is an electronic commerce which stands out as the platform for the customers to shop online and process their payment. When your website is equipped with e-commerce functionality then it grants the customers to purchase your goods or service. 

Nowadays, e-commerce has become a favorite means of shopping as this is more convenient and user friendly. 

People have the ease of buying or selling any products or services just being there in their place in no regard for date and time.

It is usually seen that the customers save much of their time through this online mode of shopping through e-commerce websites.

 9) Posting Content on Your Website

Are you still having any doubts as to I bought a domain name now what? Here is the last and final step to have productive and constructive usage of the domain name that you bought.

It is no denial, we are aware of the fact that “Content is King.” Yes, a website is nothing without quality content as it is the main thing that seeks the attention of every visitor.

Content is a supreme way to reflect your credibility to your audience. Having well-written content on your website is one of the best ways to educate the search engines what your website is all about.

Keywords are the very essential term to find you online which describe your products and service the best. The keywords you use should be unique for each and every page. These keywords can be highlighted well through in the content so that the article gets ranked. For example, if you were the one who was writing about what can be done after buying a domain name, then you should be using I bought a domain name now what? as your keyword which will help people in reaching your blog.

If you are still trying to figure it out that I bought a domain name now what? then here is something in bonus for you, this can be very interesting and useful for you. 

You can start earning from your blog and that is very simple. You can earn a huge income from your blog if you do the things right and work in that direction. Now, you must be wondering how it’s gonna work?

Here’s a quick guide that can help you in setting up your blog and start earning from it → click here for the quick guide.


So here’s what you can do when you think I bought a domain name now what? You can do all these things to earn decent money as well as grow your business by just putting little effort into enhancing your overall website.

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