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How to Install WordPress ( Your Blogging Software )

The internet is full of various information. Whenever you need any information, you surf the internet. The internet has a collection of various information that is important for its users. 

Blogging is widely used and chosen by the audience to find the information they need. These rich quality blogs are written by experts and many times, they are a source of quality information for many.

If you want to create a blog on the internet then you can easily do it in a limited time. 

install wordpress

Do you want to create a blog on the internet using WordPress? 

If yes, choose WordPress. WordPress is one of the most preferred and widely used blogging platforms. According to a report, 30% of live websites are based on WordPress. This beginner’s guide will help you easily create a WordPress blog. WordPress is a self-hosted platform to start blogging and make money.

Check some of the reasons for choosing to blog: 

● Get audience and web traffic

● Money making

● Sharing your thoughts and knowledge

Need help with writing your first blog? 

If you are new and don’t know how to start and write your first blog, have a look here: 

1.) Choose a blog domain name

 A domain name is the URL of the blog and so you need to be careful while choosing it. 

2.) Choose a proper hosting option

There are various hosting options. Web hosting is a server where your website will be hosted and it will be live 24*7. 

3.) Find the niche of blogging

Decide the niche of blogging. Research well about the niche you are interested in targeting and then start blogging. This is a very important step that you need to follow carefully. 

4.) Select a good theme

Choose a blog design and be careful while choosing it. You need to choose a good blog design and make sure that the visitors love your blog the first time they visit. WordPress provides you various themes and you can select the theme that looks attractive. 

5.) Install WordPress plugins

After the WordPress theme is selected, you can install WordPress plugins by going into the plugins selection. Just type the plugin you want, install it, and activate it. 

Find which plugins are needed for writing blogs 

Here are the following plugins that you should have on a newly created web blog.

  • Yoast SEO
  • JetPack
  • WP Rocket
  • Short Pixels You can also find many other essential plugins that can be installed to make the WordPress blogging better. 

6.) Create unique and plagiarism free content

Another crucial step is content. Plan unique and plagiarism free content. The content should be framed that must be liked by the audience. Also, the content must be user friendly that is understandable by the audience. Content must generate user interests so that your blogs get more traffic. Also, do not take copyrighted images for posting in your blogs. 

7.) Add other essential pages

Do not stay confined to writing only 1 page on the blogging website. Add more important pages like “About us” and “contact page” for providing more information to the users.

8.) Add social media pages

You can also add social media pages to the blogger. This shows users that your services/ business is available on social media and so they can engage in different social media platforms also. 

9.) Drive traffic to your blogs

You need to think of how you can drive traffic to your blogs. Methods like SEO and social media can be a great option to generate traffic. 

10.) Ways to earn from blogging

Start earning from WordPress blogs and you can do this by following these ways: 

  • Adsense
  • Amazon affiliate marketing
  • Direct ad sales
  • Affiliate marketing 
  • EBooks

Creating WordPress Blogs Using Bluehost 

wordpress on bluehost

Many people wonder if Bluehost is a good hosting platform for WordPress. Yes, it is one of the best hosting platforms. It is necessary that the hosting platform meets certain requirements for WordPress. Bluehost is completely WordPress oriented. Find the guide on how to install WordPress on Bluehost hosting platform. Bluehost is one of the best hosting and provides new innovations and features that make WordPress management easy. Bluehost has also scaled its servers for good performance when running WordPress. 

Bluehost offers the following features that make them one of the best hosting platforms: 

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited storage
  • Support
  • Allows you to use free SSL 

These days, Bluehost automatically installs and provides you the ease to setup and install. The WordPress installation will start immediately if you have purchased domain and hosting from Bluehost. You can log in to the WordPress dashboard with ease and edit the website as per your requirements. 

Here’s how to buy it:


2.) Click on Get Started

Find how to install WordPress manually on Bluehost- a simple method: 

If you have to delete an existing WordPress installation or want to install WordPress on a new domain, you can go through the following steps. 

● Login to Bluehost hosting dashboard.

● Then, click on the marketplace.

● Click on add a website and enter all the details.

● Click “Next”. Now choose the domain on which you want to install WordPress.

● Click “Next”. Within a few minutes, WordPress will get installed on the domain you selected. Ensure that you have the following before you could start the process. First, download the latest version of WordPress. Also, get FTP access to the hosting account and get the cPanel access to create a DB username and password. You can either extract .zip file or edit the wp-config file. Then upload the WordPress folder to the root of the domain. Even you have the option to use the cPanel file manager to extract and edit the content of the wp-config file. 

Uploading WordPress to cPanel- a crucial step:   


Under your cPanel, access the file manager option and start uploading the WordPress zip file. Next, after you install the file, push “extract” and extract to the public_html directory.

On an old domain, you have to extract files on public_html/addon-domain name Under cPanel hosting, go to files, then click on file manager. Then go to the public_html directory and then upload the file.

Most often the file extractor will create a directory with name- “WordPress” and then extract all files under it. Move all the files to directly under /public_html director and you can use a “move” command for completing this function. Browse to /public_html/WordPress using the file manager and select all files. Then click on move at the top, and move all files to public_html. A crucial step that comes after WordPress installation is writing your first blog. 

Find how to write your first blog?   

blog writing

After WordPress is installed, it’s time to add blogs. Now, the question is, who does not want to earn easy money? Publish blogs on WordPress for making quick money. Follow the steps below to find how to write the first blog: 

● Login to your WordPress dashboard by typing 

● Enter login credentials and press “login”

● Select the right theme that you find good. You also have the option to change themes if you do not like the previous theme by going to the “appearance” option.

● After you add the necessary plugins, it’s time to add the first blog. Adding images and videos is great to attract more user attention. 

To add your first blog, follow the below-mentioned steps:

wordpress post

1.) Click on “Post” option available on the left side of the sidebar

2.) You will get a rich text editor (large text box) for writing the article. Write the article in the large box. It also provides you the option to add images and hyperlink keywords or text.

3.) Create a rich blog with a catchy title that is to be inserted into the “title” bar that comes at the top of the rich text editor.

4.) You can then click on the “Publish” button but before publishing the article make sure that the article is of high quality, plagiarism-free, grammatically correct, and important points are highlighted.

5.) You are now free to push the “Publish” button. 

Keep adding such useful and audience targeted blogs and increase your blog traffic. You can do this by doing the following: 

● Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

● Social Media

● Guest posts on other websites With all the blog writing requirements mentioned here, you can now start your WordPress blogging. Be a blogger and grow your blogging website traffic and visitors. Engage your website with quality and useful blogs.

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