How To Become Successful Blogger

How to Become a Successful Blogger in 2020? ( 5 Steps Guide )

So … Do you want to be successful on blogs like thousands of other successful beginners?

I’m here to guide you on how you can succeed and become a successful blogger and why you need it.

I will tell you why other successful bloggers reach this destination and what things you need to do to succeed in blogging. But before we start you must know how to start a blog.

successful blogger

If I say that, it is not much difficult to become a successful blogger. Then I am not wrong. Before discussing, the best ways to get that destination we need to know that what is actually mean by getting success in blogging.

5 Steps to get Success in Blogging:

Success in blogging’ actually means that to increase traffic at your blog. As well, as to retain readers to your blog. Now we will discuss what techniques you could use to achieve your goal at blogging and be more successful than other successful bloggers.

1st Step: Do keyword research and use them

Some people usually think that keywords are not necessary but it matters a lot. If you want to become a successful blogger, you just need to know this technique. It helps to rank your blog on the first page and helps to increase traffic.

Long-tail keywords rather than short-tail keywords:

Long-tail and short-tail keywords

If you use the keyword “Refrigerator”, it might result in generating high search traffic but it would be more competitive.  While if you use long tale keyword like “best refrigerator company” then it would be more compelling than the former. In addition, believe me you could be a successful blogger by following this instruction.

2nd Step: Select a niche and make an attractive title

First, you need to decide a niche on which you want to write your blog. Select a niche that is in demand, because if you are trying to write a blog post, you will first need to know the demand in the market and then provide the offer. If you are providing something that someone is not looking for, how can you think that your blog will be beneficial for them and you as well? Do you think you could become a successful blogger that way?

According to Rick Kash “The New Law of Demand and Supply, Cambridge Group CEO Rick Kash argues that in order to succeed in today’s market, companies must reverse their approach by first determining what current and emerging demand exists and then by creating products and services to meet that demand.” (Kash, 2002)

After that, you need to choose a title that must be SEO friendly. How could you make a title according to the SEO requirement depends on some methods that I am going to discuss with you! The title shown on a page must be in a descriptive manner and must contain benefits in it. There are two elements that are valuable. The title tag must be short and must contain the main keywords. As I use the word successful blogger in my title and it was keyword as well. Now, look at the title of this blog post.

Here is an example:


Here you can see the title that is displaying contain all the necessary information and is short as well. However, if we consider the long title then Google cut off the remaining portion that is not included in 60 words. Moreover, we need to follow this limit to make our blog post more attractive to seekers.

Now you are better able to understand the difference that I want to show.

You must add examples in your blog because in this way you could increase the understanding of your reader. Moreover, your reader would think that this person is having interesting knowledge and he is able that I get knowledge from his blog.

Do you think that you could not be a successful blogger in this way? Definitely, you would be a successful blogger in this way…

“People LOVE examples. 😋

When you hear the words, “for example” your brain breathes a sigh of relief. That’s because research shows that examples make learning easier.

That’s why I include TONS of examples in every post” (content marketing hub)

3rd Step: Try to make your blog more attractive than your competitors

Once you have the knowledge to choose the niche and title now, you need to learn the technique of how to write a blog that would prove to be a successful blogger publication. We know the business technique that if we want to sell our product, we need to add a competitive advantage to our product to make it more beneficial than our competitor’s product to gain more market share. According to my point of view, the creation of blogs is, in itself, a service business, where we try to sell our services to readers, providing the best material for reading.

Therefore, you need to check what your competitors are providing. Also, analyze the weaknesses of your blog and make them your strengths. That way, even a successful blogger has not been able to beat the post rating on his blog.

For example:

If there is no image on your competitor’s blog, you must add it.

4th Step: Put references and mentions to make it more appealing for the readers

73% of people admit to reading blog posts while 27% consume them thoroughly. (The Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics for 2020)

Therefore, we need to find ways in which the reader will not only read in detail but will read it thoroughly, as you learned how to write an attractive post. Now it’s time to do some work for your readers because it is easy to create customers, but it is difficult to create a loyal customer. After providing the best services to your readers, they would like to read your blog posts more voluntarily than others. In addition, the best way to prove that your services are better than others is by assuring them that your writing is based on reality. It is only possible when you use appropriate quotes and references on your blog.

Quality of references used:

Most of the successful bloggers constantly used this technique to gain attention. However, what is most widely judged is the quality of the quotes. You must provide a reference to some articles, books, and trusted sites. Anyone who provides the open-source reference, then your writing will not get the value it really deserves. Let me relate my idea to someone else.

link building

“Here’s the brutal truth about link building:

There are WAY too many people in internet marketing today that think “great content” is enough.

They say, “if I publish great stuff, people will naturally link to me”.

If only it were that easy…

If you’re serious about getting high-quality links, you need to be very systematic with how you create and promote your content.

Otherwise, you’re taking the “cooked spaghetti approach” to SEO: throwing a bunch of stuff against a wall and hoping something sticks.” (Brain Dean)

5th Step: Add relevant case studies to your topic and you’ll need to love the topic you’re writing

The last thing to keep in mind is to love the topic you are writing about. If you don’t like this topic, you can’t add value to that topic and it’s the secret to becoming a successful blogger. If you do not use this technique, you will run out of ideas when writing this blog and will not be able to become a successful blogger.

Add interesting case studies to your blog, as it will relate your work to the practicality of the world.

After understanding all these techniques, you will be able to understand the successful blogger requirements. Once you understand all of these techniques, you will be able to understand the successful blogger requirements.

Hope this article helps you become a successful blogger. You can also comment below to get any help regards blogging. 🙂

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