Fundamentals of digital marketing

The Basic & Fundamentals of Digital Marketing! ( Guide )

Hey! Would you like to sound smart these days? Or you want to smartly promote your business online?

Are you still confused about what does digital marketing mean?

Let’s cheer up! I’m going to tell you the basics of it. I’m summing up all the basic concepts that you must need to know about online business campaigns. It uses different channels like social media, email, mobile applicants, and all such other channels.

Digital Marketing

In this brief introduction about digital marketing we are will first recognize why your business needs this and then we will review what tactics you need to use to start a digital campaign.

“It is the process of attracting potential customers through different social media channels with the goal of selling products.”

Radio, TV, mobile are the sources where you can do offline marketing but we are going to discuss online marketing because the era of uniqueness has been started.

Why do you need Digital Marketing?

According to the surveys, 49% of the people search on Google to find a new product for them. So online marketing would easily generate more sales for your product and services as well. It would help to show your brand presence on different social media networks…

I’ll also show you the technique of increasing traffic to your website by SEO. Because without this you can’t do this work appropriately.

You can use pay per click marketing technique as well, as it can increase customer visit to your start blogging easily. Google makes it easier to achieve what we want. This is a paid source by which you can increase more conversions for your business.

Website Design

What your customers will see in a first look? It is only your website. So, it must be designed according to its importance. It will definitely increase your brand image. Then you will be able to build strong brand equity for a long time period.

What you think about website design? Is it just theme?

Consider it an extension of your business. If you want to extend your business then you will consider this as important as its extreme need for your business.

Website Design

It must be designed according to content management system requirements. The website should not take more than 2 seconds to load. 53% of people skip the site that takes more than 3 seconds.

SEO ( Marketing and Management )

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) helps your site to display on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. It’s a highly recommended technique for digital marketing. And helps to build an image on social media by making it mobile-friendly.


Which things does it cover?

Use keywords appropriately…. It’s the only formula to make a website according to SEO. Use keywords in the title and in the description of your website that must be less than 200 characters. Once you choose your keywords you need to know that what is reader demand from you… enhance website speed as well and then make sure your website is available to mobile as well.

Let’s talk about its management and why we need it…

If you all need to succeed in a successful SEO strategy then you must focus on its management system. It’s a huge challenge as well because of the change in technology. Its basic purpose is to increase the visibility of your page in front of users and to increase its speed to generate traffic. FAQ schema markup helps you to do this task… it helps Google to generate better search results for your website…

FAQ could increase your CRT(click-through) rates as well.

Social Media Marketing

5.11 billion are using unique mobile phones and 2.71 billion are using a smartphone is new statistics according to which people are using a smartphone. Most of them are using different social media networks.

social media marketing

Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and all such platforms are favorable for digital marketing. Your business must need to have a stable social media platform because most of the persons use social media networks. So it captures more loyal customers than any other source.

The main thing it includes is to add great content on your social media profile and add some attractive material to engage your followers. You can use Buffer as it is a platform from where you can get help to manage your social media account. In this way, you can advertise your business much more efficiently.

Email Marketing

“It’s a most basic sense, email marketing is the use of email to promote products or services. But a better email marketing definition is the use of email to develop relationships with potential customers or clients. Email marketing is one segment of internet marketing, which encompasses online marketing via websites, social media, blogs, and more. It is essentially direct mail done electronically instead of through the postal service.” (ward)

email marketing

Email marketing is a highly effective way of digital marketing the same as social media and SEO optimization methods.

It’s a way of marketing in which you send different emails to your targeted customers and can sell your product through it. Most of the users check their email on a daily basis.

Let’s talk about its effectiveness in a sense of return ROI ( Return on Investment ) generated from email marketing is about 4400% which means that if you spend 1$ on it you can get 44$ in return for that investment.

Cold Email Marketing

It’s a type of digital marketing in which you send emails through your Google account to customers who don’t have any relation with you. In this type of marketing, you need to appropriately make certain things. The subject line must include appropriate information about your product. You must need to show that your email is an ad.

You must need to notice the time of mail because most of the people check their mail before going to work or after coming back home. You need to give detail about you on Google account and your own picture.

Before starting this work you need to warm up your email… which means that you need to before automation you need to use email manually. From here you can check the complete warm-up process of your email. You must need to check the validity of your customer’s account. Could you expect to generate sales from an invalid account? Surely you can’t. so you just need to check its validity.

If you want to generate sales then it’s not easy to collect a huge number of emails. For this, all you need is to make segments of your prospects. In this way, you can also generate valuable relation without being pressurized to reach a huge number of people.

Don’t send the same email to the number of people. In this way, you could be blocked. You need to make a different separate email for each of the segments.


So now we can say this digital marketing is the best way to generate more sales for your business by using different techniques like SEO management, social media marketing, email marketing, and all other such ways.

Most of the people using these techniques increase their sales from all over the world.

I hope this guide helped you understand the basics and fundamentals of Digital Marketing.

If you like this article please let me know by leaving a comment below and also feel free to share this article to help thousand of others.

Cheers. 😉

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