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Blog Description: Make your Description Perfect every time

Let’s discuss another easy way to increase traffic.

Are you still confused that why blog description matter?

I’ll solve all your queries related to blog description!

Blog description is the type of description that appears under the link in SERP. In this way, you can rank without off-page SEO.

As we write a blog description and home page description, we need to write a blog description. If the blogger’s description is according to the reader’s requirement then you can reach your destination… Do you know its benefits?

As per my point of view is concerned description of a blog is important in the sense that it is an indirect source of increasing traffic to your blog. Google measures CTR and then display it more than other blogs. This thing will automatically generate traffic.

It must be like a peak for your blog post description that provides all the necessary information. Once you generate a good description for your blog then it will not be difficult for you to increase CTR because people love to solve their problem without wasting their time and by adding Meta description, you would get the right customers who need your work.

Where you could write a blog description in WordPress:

In Yoast SEO Plugin: 

If you are using Yoast SEO Plugin then open your WordPress dashboard and simply follow these steps:

1.) Go to “Yoast SEO” setting.

2.) Now click on the “Title and meta” option.

3.) Then click on the “Homepage” option. 

4.) Now, in the “meta description” field, you can enter your blog description.

yoast seo plugin

In Rank Math Plugin:

The same process will be applied if you are using Rank Math Plugin. Follow these steps to create a blog description:

1.) Open your WordPress “dashboard“.

2.) Go to “Rank Math” setting.

3.) Then click on the “Title and Meta” option. 

4.) Now click on the “Homepage” option.

5.) Now you’ll see the “Homepage Meta Description” section, here you can add your meta description i.e. description of your blog in it.

rank math plugin

Some Examples of Blog Descriptions

As far as you know you must have a good blog description to attract more audience.

So, here I put some examples which will help you to get an idea of writing a catchy description for your blog.

1. Vogue

vogue description

What’s good? – They used an attractive line “latest fashion news”. It also informs the readers that they will get fresh and updated content which encourages them to visit the site again and again.

2. Backlinko

backlinko description

What’s good? – They explained about their blog and used an attention-grabbing line in the starting. They also added some powerful words like “next-level SEO” and “link building strategies”.

3. Amazon

amazon description

What’s good? – As you see they explained their business that they provide free delivery on various items and also getting attention with the line “low prices across earth’s biggest selection”.

4. Engadget

engadget description

What’s good? – They are showing how old is the website and for proof, they added a date that helps to build trust with the visitors.

5.) No Vacation Required

No Vacation Required description

What’s good? – They started blog description with the answer “no vacation required ” which will excite audience to read more about this blog.

*Tips For Creating a Blog Description*

● Describe what your website is about.

● Build trust with users.

● Create some catchy description.

● Tell about your brand.

How to write a Blog Description?

We will discuss two things with appropriate examples:

1) Important points must keep in mind.

2) A step-by-step discussion of the required information in it.

1) Some important points to keep in mind while writing a blog description:

We will discuss all of them with appropriate need of them in description of blog.

Use LSI keywords and main keywords in blog description – By using all such kinds of keywords help you to relate your article with blog description. Google will also relate and in this way, you would easily increase traffic.

Use easy wording to explain difficult things in blog description – If the solution is much more confusing than a problem itself then what you’ll do? Definitely, you’ll skip that solution. Now you will understand that what I’m trying to say… A blog description is a unique concept.

Here you can see that this blog description includes easy wording as well as complete information… it’s easy for blogs description readers to check whether this information is required by them or not….

The description must be according to the given information in your article – Blogger’s description of each thing must be complete and relevant. If you want to increase quality customers then don’t use tricks to generate traffic. You must need to provide data, which is actually relevant to your description…. Don’t use description related to some trending topics if you are not going to tell about that in your article.

Use 150+ characters in blog description – Characters must not be much more than this amount because in this way you will lose readers rather than get more readers.

Use call to action in your description – These words are trying to show a quick solution to the problem, which is exactly what you need.


  • Learn more
  • Get started.
  • Buy now.
  • View demo.

These words would enhance reader’s attention.


  • Do you want this?
  • Let’s get started.
  • Are you interested?
  • Would you like to read about it?

In a blog description, you could use words or phrases as well to grab attention.

The description must be conversational in the description of the blog – This is only possible when you choose words like you & me to show your reader that you are interested to discuss this topic.

Use power words in blog description – It will help you to increase click-through rates. Here are some power words, that you are looking for right?

For example:

  • Shocking.
  • Miracle.
  • New.
  • Irresistible.

Check the list if you want to see more power words.

2) A step-by-step discussion of required information in your description of a blog

After discussing which kind of words you need to add in your blog’s description now we are going to discuss which rather detail you to need to add in blog description.

➡️ Explain your niche – The first step is to add a niche on which your blog detail depends. In other words, show your readers that on which particular topic you are writing this blog.

➡️ Write something important about your blog – Tell them which things you are going to cover in this particular article. Tell them in a summarized way which topics of this particular topic you are going to discuss.

➡️ Discuss your mission -The last thing that you just need to tell them is about your main mission, which must be in the reader’s perspective. What kind of benefit they will get after reading your article.

If you use this kind of technique by showing your interest in the perspective of readers benefit then you will get more success because everyone wants to know his or her benefit in doing something rather know your capability.

Now it’s your turn

As we discuss in the start that this method will not directly enhance your blog post rank. But if you want to optimize SEO for your site then this technique will help you. All that Google needs is quality content so if your article contains such content then your blog will get a high ranking. A good blog description helps you in the sense that people will prefer your article then your competitor’s article.

I hope that now you know what blog description is and how to write a meta description.

I have also shared some tips to write a powerful blog post description with real examples.

Now you don’t need to pay anyone to generate powerful blog description.

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